Minorarc Becomes a Trio

Shortly after returning to Melbourne in mid 2023, Ivan began seeking fellow musicians to help the project’s transition back into live performances. The future was uncertain. Combining neoclassical and electronic music with touches of modern metal… well it feels like a fluid process in the studio, when you’re alone. Live though, and collaborating? It was going to take particular varieties of musicians to make this work. It wasn’t so much about being familiar with the “style” or history of the project either. It was more about flexibility, and finding artists of differing backgrounds, folks who felt at ease with the concept of combining classical music, touches of jazz and the harder things too.

Minorarc is very pleased to announce its new lineup with Eric Shek, gracefully bowing upon a violin, and Brendan Henriques who effortlessly combs the lower frequencies on bass guitar. It has been a gift getting to know these kindly souls, and at present we’re rehearsing and recording on a sporadic basis. The three of us can’t wait to play some music in a public context.

The violin has been an integral part of Eric’s life since childhood. He embarked on the well-beaten classical path of grading exams, recitals and school orchestras, continuing on through his young adulthood to play with various university and community orchestras. Eric has been grateful for the magical moments of experiencing pinnacle orchestral works and violin concerti. But there was a yearning to broaden his musical horizons and explore new genres. In his late 20s, he took a crash course in the Irish fiddle right in its ancestral country. It was a baptism-of-fire moment, leaving him buoyed by a whole new musical language. Eric’s meandering musical journey continued back in Melbourne as he joined the punk rock band We Were Voyagers. He is thrilled that the voyager in him has discovered Minorarc, presenting opportunities to fuse metal with his classical roots.

Brendan’s journey with music began in his early childhood also, finding his first musical expressions within the walls of a church, where he played for gospel choirs and song services. Gospel music has been a profound influence in his life, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for his musical endeavours. Alongside his roots in gospel, Brendan has delved into an array of genres including Funk, Soul, RnB, Blues, and Jazz. Drawing inspiration from bass guitar virtuosos such as Pino Palladino, Flea, Sharay Reed, and Derick Hodge, Brendan has honed his craft with diligence and passion. His aspiration to become a session musician has led him to actively perform and record for various artists, seeking to contribute his musical expertise to diverse projects.