“Untold” Pre-Orders are Open!

It has been quite a journey getting to this point, but we are now taking pre-orders of our next release!

You can back the project at Kickstarter!

Backers will receive a limited (short production run) and expanded (bonus and extended tracks) version of our 2022 album, “Untold”, in January. This expanded CD and download version will be released at least a month before the standard version (streaming platforms), and is exclusive to our wonderful Kickstarter backers.

To everyone who has, or intends to pre-purchase this special release of “Untold”, we are eternally grateful, and hope you like it!

This album is already the product of over 500 combined hours of experimentation, recording and mixing! Yes, it contains our traditional elements of piano-heavy instrumentation, strings and a melancholic theme, but it doesn’t end there. This is by far our most “technical” work to date, drawing on a wide range of styles from classical through to djent, ambient and chillout.