Upcoming Concerts 2024

We are currently working on reinterpreting our newest material (from 2021 onward), into live-performance-possible material. Minorarc has found two guest artists to join us in this new journey, a violinist and bass guitarist. We look forward to sharing more information about them, and any potential future performances shortly.

Previous Concerts (Minorarc / Performance collaborations with Sleeplab)

2015 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme XIX at Mr Boogie Man Bar


Sleeplab performed at the final of Dawn Industry‘s Enzyme events for this era, with a big night of dream pop, synthesis and electronic industrial music at Mr Boogie Man Bar.

January 31st 2015 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme XVIII at Horse Bazaar

Sleeplab performed at Enzyme XVIII within the small confines of Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD. Other performers included Amnion, Abre Ojos and Pselodux.

March 26th 2014 – Australia – Melbourne: Mr Boogie Man Bar


Mass Rejection invited Minorarc along to perform during this night of gothic and industrial meta.

November 26th 2010 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme XV at Blue Velvet

October 2nd 2010 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme Tower, Fringe Festival at Blue Velvet

A special event “Enzyme Tower” for the Melbourne Fringe Festival with 13 acts across the 2 floors of Blue Velvet Nightclub, culminating in 6 hours of non-stop live music. Mystral Tide performed with Cassandra’s Myth. Event programme available here.

August 28th 2010 – Australia – Melbourne: Barley Corn Hotel


Previous Concerts (Mystral Tide)

March 7th 2008 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme IV at Blue Velvet

For Enzyme IV, Mystral Tide conducted a live improvisation on electric violin set with BasticH and Cassandra’s Myth.

August 31st 2007 – Australia – Melbourne: Enzyme II at Blue Velvet

CD launch event for Mystral Tide’s “Geometry of Loss” 3x CD release at Blue Velvet nightclub.

May 19th 2006 – Australia – Melbourne: Dream

Thanks to a wonderful residency at Dream Nightclub, Demus presented… SIGNAL ERROR
Mystral Tide – VJ Projections and Dark Ambient Soundscapes
Bastich – Local and Loud Noise, Industrial Experimentation
Cassandra’s Myth – Electro Rock at a warm melodic centre
Dark Organics – Electronic mash

March 31st 2006 – Australia – Melbourne: Megabar

Mystral Tide guest VJ at whit3nois3
Featuring DJ’s John, Haemonculus, Kosta, antilogic, Silt and rei-in
Dark ambient / power noise sets then breaking out the nasty beats…

March 2nd 2006 – Australia – Melbourne: Dan O’Connell Carlton

Local Melbourne Underground Electro detonating on-stage!
Mystral Tide – VJ Projections and Dark Ambient Soundscapes
Bastich – Local and Loud Noise, Industrial Experimentation
Cassandra’s Myth – Electro Rock at its warm melodic centre
RoboNERD – Provocative Industrial and Electro

February 24th 2006 – Australia – Melbourne: Dream

Mystral Tide – VJ Projections and Dark Ambient Soundscapes
Bastich – Local and Loud Noise, Industrial Experimentation
Fractl – Experimental Spoken Word, Industrial Electronics

December 9th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: Dream

An entry point into our new style of performance, incorporating data projection of digital video landscapes with Mystral Tide audio.

December 4th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: Monsalvat

Performance at the historic grounds of this 1930’s castle as part of the poetry and song festival. Supporting the industrial spoken word assault of BasticH and Fractl.

November 11th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: Dream

Our first live gig as a collaborator and synth player for Fractl! A night of pure Experimental, Electronic, Spoken Word, Bio Fractl awareness with: Mystral Tide (11pm), BasticH (11.30pm) and Fractl (12pm).

November 5th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: CBD

Supporting Electro Kore + two other local acts at CBD Nightclub (12-14 McKillop Street, Melbourne City). Shock rock, metal and mayhem everywhere!

August 26th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: Dream – Cabaret Nocturne, VNV Nation Party

Mystral Tide supported Digitalis Effect and The Crystalline Effect for a full Electro Night, preparing punters for the upcoming arrival of VNV Nation in Australia.

August 12th 2005 – Australia – Melbourne: Demus Live Night

Now located in Melbourne, this was the first of many future Demus (later to become Enzyme) evenings of live audio entertainment. Noise veteran BasticH ripped out some hard power electronics, recently Melbournized Mystral Tide dished up chilled EBM tokyo-style, and our new friends Cassandra’s Myth played some very sensitive, evocative and heavy industrial.

May 5th 2004 – Australia – Canberra: eXXentrik

Following on from 2003’s most groovy eXXentricity festival, Canberra community radio 2XX featured another great lineup for the eXXentrik festival at Toast on Sat May 15th 2004. All funds raised supported 2XX 98.3fm. Lineup included DJ Soup (Live and playing brand new material – Sydney), $2 Scratchies (Mexi vs Nathan on 4 decks), Bec Paton, Mystral Tide, Vance Musgrove, Mikah Freeman, Typhonic vs Rookie One (on 4 decks), Calico , Evilchris (Live), Present Tense (Live), The Grandson, Kimmo Vennonnen (Live), Urban Atmospherics (Live), Scotch Fingers & Michael Ascroft (Visuals), Hana Davies (Stencils) and more!

October 1st – 6th 2003 – Australia – Newcastle: ElectroFringe 2003

Electrofringe is an annual 5 day new media arts festival based in Newcastle. The festival has a multidisciplinary approach exploring visual, screen, audio, text, gaming and performance manifestations of new media. Mystral Tide performed and offered a short workshop/discussion, among a multitude of creative presentations from Australia’s cutting edge. Friday October 3rd, 3.30-4.30pm at the SPa[v]CE – AV Presentation & Discussion panel (Hunter Room 2F, Newcastle Town Hall). The event program can be found here.

August 2nd 2003 – Australia – Canberra: RockApe Dickson

A full night of darkness spanning everything from death metal to acoustics and dark folk, to electronic. Beastianity, Novo Homo (back from Europe – connected to Death in June and Wolf Pact), Shigella, DJ’s Robert and Kerri, Mystral Tide and more.

May 31st 2003 – Australia – Canberra: eXXentricity

“Electricity” CD launch and fundraising night for local Canberra Community Radio 2XX. 7 live acts and scores of DJ’s rocked Babylon Nightclub all night long through a huge range of electonica.

October 13th 2002 – Japan – Tokyo : Cyberage Voodoo

DJing for Tokyo industrial club Cyberage Voodoo, which was now sponsored by Zeitgeist Records.

July 29th 2002 – Japan – Tokyo: Tokyo Goth & Darkwave 04

Support for Seij minus aÇ at Tokyo Goth & Darkwave. Other acts included AUTO-MOD, MUSHI, SHRINE, DESPAIR and Nameless Cult.

May 19th 2002 – Germany – Leipzig: Wave Gotik Treffen

For the first music-related trip outside of Japan, Mystral Tide headed over to Germany to play synths and collaborate with Japanese experimental gothic project Seij minus aÇ at the infamous Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig.

April 27th 2002 – Japan -Tokyo: Tokyo Goth & Darkwave 03

Tokyo Goth & Darkwave quickly became one of Tokyo’s largest and most respected gothic music and cultural events. Its third incarnation featured live performances from: Auto-Mod, Jubilee, Mushi, Black Planet and Mystral Tide (+ guest member hAj of Seij minus aÇ ) at Shibuya DeSeO & club Kinoto.

March 2nd 2002 – Japan – Tokyo: Cyber Age Voodoo

Cyber Age Voodoo, held monthly at Paranormal in Roppongi Tokyo, returned on the 2nd Februrary 2002. Adam and Ivan were regularly DJing at this event, and to celebrate the release of “Whirlpool of Souls” and the first Trucido EP, both projects played live. In true controversial style, right after the Mystral Tide set, a major technical glitch prevented Trucido from performing their new material, drawing further mystery into their release of “Modus Vivendi” later that year.

May 2001 – Japan – Tokyo: Cyber Age Voodoo

Mystral Tide provided improvisation and interludes for Seij minus aÇ, an intense Tokyo project best described as complex, harsh and extreme underground goth.

March 2001 – Japan – Tokyo: Labyrinth for the Brains V

Trucido played new material never before performed in Japan, and Mystral Tide played “Forged” live for the first time. Although advertised as a Gothic Industrial event, Trucido and Mystral Tide fronted up as the only band without guitar, and a greater than zero number of keyboards.