One Month of Pre-Sale to go!

A big Thank You! To our supporters, friends and colleagues who have pre-ordered the new album (Untold – expanded), and backed the crowdfunded campaign, we’re truly grateful. The production of physical copies (CD) is now going to become a reality.

At the time of writing, there are still 30 days of the campaign left, and plenty of time to secure a limited first edition copy of the release. In the mean time, we are finalizing the last few tracks for the work, testing masters, and starting to get art underway. Compared to the self-titled album from 2010, Untold is sonically more colourful, and we want the graphics on the release to reflect this. There is still gloom, despair and anxiety, but also light, colour and appreciation behind the haze.

Announcements pertaining to upcoming premiere radio play and a YouTube channel feature will come shortly.