Winter Progress

Welcome to the new Minorarc website, stylistically changed to reflect our current musical direction! Recording of our second album has been going exceptionally well, with bursts of studio-time being spent daily as new material is laid down.

At present we have five tracks near completion, and another five in various states between “fleshing out” and “mixing”. It is uncertain at this time, as to how many tracks will feature vocals (and vocal collaborators), as there is an underlying attraction in keeping the next release instrumental.

Stylistically, the new tracks range from ambient with splashes of modern chillout, through to heavier forms of metal such as djent and extreme progressive. Never before have we included so many acoustic instruments in a release, as nylon string guitars, a mandolin, and our violin also has come out of the woodwork.

The thought of running blind remixes, as was done with the debut album in 2010 is also on our mind, with an announcement imminent in regard to if such a side-project will go ahead.