Everything on-track, Untold and other news

“Untold – Expanded” Next Steps

Thanks to our friends and supporters, the pre-sale campaign for the expanded version of Untold was a success at Kickstarter! If you were a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, please don’t forget to complete the survey in order to ensure that we have your email address (and physical address for CDs) on file! It is essential that this information is collected now, so we can sort out album dedications etc. The survey was emailed to backers on 1st November 2021. If you haven’t completed it yet, please do so.

During November we’ll be supplying a master disc and artwork for CD manufacturing and preparing the digital versions of the tracks for download.

The anticipated release date and despatch of CDs is still on-track for January 2022.

Airplay on Rock Storm

Huge thanks to Rock Storm for opening their 50th show with an imminent Untold track, “The Bane’s Remnants” last Thursday night.

Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne Compilation

A track created during the Untold sessions, but not to be featured in the final release, has been submitted for inclusion in L.E.M.O.M’s upcoming digital download compilation album. We’re also working on a collaborative track with Jarman of Men Imitating Machines for this, and look forward to sharing the results with you!

Deluge on Avant-Garde YouTube Channel

Huge thanks to the team at Avant-Garde & Prog Metal and Vanguardismo Extremo for featuring the Deluge video on their channel.

Whitewash Telecaster

The rumors are true, we’re building a custom Telecaster guitar. The bodywork is currently being stained, and we look forward to sharing some photos with you soon! This will hopefully up the ante on our new jazz influences. A bit of woodwork is also a great break for the ears for a little while 🙂