Preparing for Performance

Since relocating to Melbourne in July, we’ve been busy attempting to translate the post-2020 releases into a performance-worthy state. Reverse-engineering previously completed tracks is an undertaking that we’re committed too, but could never have imagined to be so complex! At present we have four pieces close to being ready and rehearsed. There will be more information about who and how in 2024, but we’re in the throws of collaborating with a number of wonderful musicians to form something of a “band”. Not a typical three or four piece however, as the current focus is on the more neoclassical styled pieces, so yes, we anticipate there will be live strings!

In a first for Minorarc, we’re expecting to be able to perform free of any computer hardware. The studio has had to be re-thought and altered to suit these plans too, with three months taken just to experiment with possible setups and ways to reproduce effects without access to software plugins and the like. We’re hoping this journey lends itself to more “free” and improvisation-friendly concerts down the track.