Fragments Video

Moving to Canberra some four years ago, made things difficult creatively speaking. Admittedly largely self-imposed, it is an isolated existence here. Leaving the buzz of Melbourne life wasn’t a simple process, being geographically separated from friends, venues and the underground music culture’s many personalities. Thus, since 2020 and for the foreseeable future, we’ve been focused on creating and tinkering with the many aspects of music culture that have changed.

The concept of “albums” as a whole has all but diminished into a world of playlist-streaming and on-demand accessibility. Even CD-quality appears to be a thing of the past. To be honest, I’m not sure how Minorarc can adapt to this new landscape, or even if it should. This isn’t hindering progress though! The music we are trying to bring to life is happening, simply because we can’t help ourselves.

Early tracks are currently being distributed to the first of several planned collaborators, with the current focus on female vocal additions and a couple of fully-collaborated works in the pipeline as well.

In addition, several snippets and fragments of pieces in progress are featured in a quick high-contrast video recently released on our YouTube Channel. In fact, we never paid a lot of attention to YouTube until now. None the less, we’ve uploaded a lot of Mystral Tide content there too. Enjoy the nostalgia!