Overburden Imminent

For the three months gap between the completion of Untold and its release on Bandcamp, in breaks between working on publishing and marketing, we continued recording. These pieces followed on with Untold’s general themes and flavors, and form a “side dish”, or smaller (8 track) companion album.

Overburden is an instrumental “further excavation” of a drowning departure’s visions, and a continuing journey through reflective solitude, surrender, defeat and imminent darkness. Ambience and unilluminated encroachment await; a union of gentle piano, viola, cinematic synth pads and progressive metal / djent.

Though none of this work was a burden to conjure at the time, many of the pieces did in fact overburden our small home studio’s computer!

The current tracklisting for the release is:

01 Overburden
02 Palace of Silt (sister of Untold’s track Palace of Crystal)
03 Whitewash (first recorded use of hand-assembled and finished Telecaster guitar)
04 Slowlight
05 Monolith of Clay
06 Eroded Seam
07 A Different Path Between Fractures (reinterpretation of a track supplied for Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne Compilation)
08 The Fool’s Fate

We are currently making final touches to the tracks, and anticipate publishing them on Bandcamp on 3rd March 2022, and major streaming platforms on 4th April 2022.