Sound Pollution Interview

Last Friday was a very special day for us, as we sat down to chat with Raynelle and Uncle Brent of the Sound Pollution Podcast!  This opportunity was instigated by our favourite UK-based black metal and jazz artist, Pan of Act of Entropy, who was featured on the podcast here earlier this year.

Sound Pollution interviews and discusses all flavours of independent music from around the world, and gives artists a really fun, friendly and honest chance to discuss their work in a personal setting. Raynelle and Uncle Brent are passionate, seemingly tireless, and wonderfully personable souls whose commitment to supporting music can not be disputed.

For over an hour, Minorarc had the pleasure of talking about the project’s recent releases, instruments, music collecting, mixing, the music-penetration of sleep, collaboration, and lots of other fun topics. We confess to trying to interview the interviewers as well 🙂

Thank you Raynelle and Uncle Brent!

We urge you subscribe to their YouTube Channel, Spotify, and check out the official website!