Timeline for “Untold”


Our imminent 2022 album has a working title, “Untold”!

We’re still deep into the mixing phase for a vast majority of the tracks, and several others are with collaborators for guest vocals, or going through the initial writing stages.

The release plan for this album will be unlike any that we have produced previously…

Pre-orders for the expanded version

Stay tuned, because during September 2021 we will be opening up pre-orders to our fans. These orders will be for an initial limited run of CDs and downloadable copies of “Untold – expanded”, which will include exclusive bonus tracks and extended song versions. The pre-ordering process will run for two months, and following that no further copies of “Untold – expanded” will be made or distributed. Final CDs and downloads are anticipated to be dispatched in early January 2022. The exact format of the CD will be dependent on demand and funds raised. We will announce how the ordering process will work in due course.

Release of standard version

Following the limited initial release, in February 2022 (hopefully 12/02/22), the album in its standard form (no bonus tracks or extended works) will be released on our Bandcamp page. We’re still on the fence regarding Spotify.

Early Fragments

Tasters of our current work on this album are available at Bandcamp. We expect to release a second Fragment shortly.

Thank You

It has been a seven year journey getting to this point, and we deeply thank all who have been in touch with us to support this album on so many levels.