Untold’s Trifecta Complete, and New Works

The final piece of Untold’s release trifecta, titled Overburden, is now available on Bandcamp.

This ten track album marks the last section of our “Untold” era work (Untold, Blind Remixes, Overburden). It is a side-dish containing a collection of new pieces, and several of the original album’s tracks that were omitted once the capacity of a CD was filled. Overall, it leans more weightily on ambience, and a stronger contrast between metal and noise elements, all whilst maintaining Untold’s themes and concept. We expect the album to make it onto streaming services such as Spotify on the 4th April 2022.

A video for the Overburden track “A Brief Afterthought” is now available on YouTube.

In other going’s on, the following exciting things are happening!

March 19th 2022 – Release of “Colab” with Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne.

March 29th 2022 – Release of “Fire” Remix with James Peden.

April 4th 2022 – Release of Overburden on Spotify and Major Streaming Platforms.