Vanguardismo Extremo 1 Compilation Appearance

It has been a busy end to an amazing year of music. Listening. Creating. Connecting with supporters and making new friends. My deepest thanks goes out to everyone who supported the creation of “Untold”, which goes live on Bandcamp on the 2nd January 2022. Our follow-up release “Overburden” is also looking like it will be ready around March.

2021 isn’t over yet though! The team over at Facebook’s Avant-garde & Prog Metal group has been busy collecting works for a mammoth end of year compilation album. Vanguardismo Extremo 1, no less than 38 tracks of Ambient, Blackgaze, Black Metal, Blues, Death Metal, Djent, Doom, Drone, EDM, Grindcore, IDM, Indie Rock, Grindcore, Jazz, Mathrock, Noise, Noise Rock, Prog Metal, Post-Metal, Prog Rock, Sludge, Sound Art and Synthwave!

Our track on the compilation is “Blue Grey Black“, a rework and new interpretation of several sections of the 2013 “Involution” release. Back then, we were going through a bit of a post-punk and post-rock phase, so it is a touch more minimal than usual! An exploration of depression, the weight of the past, and predictions of future demise.

Thank you to the team at Avant-garde & Prog Metal for having us along for the ride!

Have a safe silly season and New Year everyone.