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Back in the Studio

Over a decade has passed since Minorarc’s first album, and it is some seven years since their most recently published work. The causes for delay have been numerous, yet are now largely abated. With no specific deadline for completion, no active contracts, and total freedom, the studio has recently been setup with a new hard disc recorder and a few other additions including a four-string bass, so that fresh recording sessions can commence. Our long overdue thanks to Robbie too, for his interview.

Digging up the Past

Greetings friends! The journey of trawling through old online backups and archived data has been interesting. We’ve decided to bring a few historical items back to life… ISLE OF NARROWS The 2009 Mystral Tide Album “Isle of Narrows” took the project into a distinctly sad and visual landscape. Recorded with electric violin, piano, orchestral pads and splashes of aggressive guitar, it was performed alongside projected visuals (cutups of urban scenes filmed in Japan, and references to decay in a post-apocalyptic environment). The release requires a pretty committed listener, and based on feedback from several supporters we’ve re-opened the door to

Performance: Enzyme XIX – 18th April

We are performing as a collaboration with Sleeplab at: Dawn Industry presents… Enzyme XIX, our 19th live music extravaganza celebrating the talent and diversity of Melbourne underground electronic music. Join us on a rare six project sonic journey into the realms of dreamy pop, dense synthesis, chaos and rich flowing melodics. Prepare to cast away your preconceptions, sit back and enjoy the uncompromised art of 6 local bands. Saturday 18th AprilMr Boogie Man Bar160 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067 Live music from 5pm – late$10 at the Door  

New Website

Welcome to our new 2015 Minorarc web site! Over the last year we have been focused on collaborating with NeverEmbers and Sleeplab, and thought it time to update this window to the world. We are currently working on new material for the possibility of an album release this year, and also preparing to make the Mystral Tide back catalog available on Bandcamp. Thanks to everyone for their support!